Madonna’s Diet Guide

Madonna’s Diet

The Queen of Pop Culture can’t keep it be it her music or her diet, both of them portray a sense of rebel. Madonna refuses to follow any simple diet rather works on the Macrobiotic diet combined with an equally rigorous workout.

Madonna feels that the players who want it big can’t pull back anytime, they need to be consistent with their performance and a prerequisite is to stay healthy. Madonna enjoys such huge kind of fan base because she is the most reliable player in the industry. When Madonna is the talk of the town, how can you not talk about her super amazing diet? It’s the product of chef Mayumi Nishimura, who is the modern age brand ambassador of the macrobiotic diet.

Glimpse of the “Macrobiotic Diet”

It’s not just hard to keep a track of the components of the diet but it’s also expensive, thus we produce a replica version extracted from the book by her personal chef. Macrobiotic diet refrains you from gorging on wheat, eggs, meats, and dairy products. It revolves around “sea vegetables.” The book talks about a special kind of diet called “10 Day Detox Diet.” So here is the Complete Madonna Diet and Workout Guide. You will fall in love with it.



Main product for your breakfast under this diet is a Miso soup, which keeps you satisfied for a very long time. Accompany your soup with brown rice, keep changing your diet products especially in the morning because “Miso soup”, if taken regularly stops giving results. Keep switching in between to boiled green vegetables plus Fuji apple and boiled corn along with plum paste, this stuff are particularly important to enrich your body with the needed amount of sugar.


When one starts with miso soup, you don’t feel like eating till dinner but it’s better to have lunch on time. As all the other meals of this diet are a tad too boring but lunch comprises of soy meat and spiral rice pasta, quinoa salad and handmade tofu cheese that can be preserved for few days.


The days of the diet are usually very satisfactory, to compensate night meals only consist of boiled barley and seaweed.Keep tofu tartar sauce and sauerkraut always handy, they are the finest product by Mayumi.The diet is pretty tough and difficult to get into terms with it, Mayumi suggests you throw some parties for your close friends and keep macrobiotic diet as the theme. Work around the dips and sides and ask your friends for a genuine feedback that is what they witnessed after having the meals even for a day. Another celeb who follows the same pattern is Jennifer Lopez, you don’t believe us? Why not take a peek at Jennifer Lopez Diet Plan Guide. Tell us what you think.

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