How To Do A Pedicure

Steps To Do A Pedicure At Home


Grab The Supplies

For a good pedicure at home, you must be handy with some of the products including tub, water, clippers, brush, and a nail polish. In addition to this, you can add salt, cuticle oil and lotion for massaging afterward.

 Clean Pre-Nail Polish

It is obvious to remove the old nail polish, as it will become difficult to put on new Bali polish. Use nail paint remover, and make sure to remove the bits along cuticles.

Soak Your Feet In Water

Take a tub with hot water and add a bit of salt or oil. Now relax for some time. Now, warm water will remove the dirt and calluses. It will also soften your nails, which is helpful to paint your toes.

Must File Your Nails

Trim your toe nails using nail cutter. Keep the shape of your nails in a square. Use nail filler to smoothen the edges and anything you want to shape like. Avoid giving the rounded shape as it promotes ingrown nails.

Massage Cuticle Oil

Push back the cuticles, using cuticle stock. Oe cut them with cuticle trimmer. Rub some cuticle oil over that part, to add moisture.

 Smooth Your Toenails

Buff your rough edges and ridges on the top of your toenails. Pay attention to edges you have trimmed as this area is quite sensitive. Use a buff pad to tilt them in the same direction.

 Clean Your Skin

Make use of pumice stone to scrub the heel and your foot. Don’t scrub harshly as it may cause irritation on the skin, so buff them gently with least pressure.Use a cleaning brush to remove the dead skin over the bridge of the foot. Afterward, clean your foot with water.  Empty the tub and massage your feet with lotion on your skin. You can use nail polish remover, to clean up your nails again.

Add Base Coat

Make use of transparent nail polish as a protection coat on all nails. This helps in preventing your nails from yellowing, acts as a solid base for nail polish.

 Choose One Color Of Your Choice

Select a polish and paint your nails. Start your work from the center of the nail, make use of strokes to fill in the nail paint. Wipe off paint covering your skin. Add two coatings to get a perfect opaque layer.

Give The Last Touch

Wait for few minutes after applying the nail polish and add a transparent coat of nail paint. This will give shine as well as help you to maintain the lower coat from chipping. Wait for 15 minutes, until it dries completely. Try to check from your fingers whether it is completely smooth. Enjoy your all new feet!

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