Richard Burton And Elizabeth Taylor’s Riotous Marriage

Richard Burton And Elizabeth Taylor’s Riotous Marriage

Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor are few of the finest actors of Hollywood who have not only contributed through their films but also has been a part of the greatest learning process of Hollywood.

A conversation carried about failed marriages rather scandals surely calls for their at first hand. They married each other twice and that their marriage realm was of interest to many journalism agencies.

They were the actors of the Golden Age and happenings like that of their marriage was a great affair for many. Burton, who cane from a local village in South Wales ended up  having a lush headed life which ended soon due to his over drinking. The two love birds met on the sets of Cleopatra, the famous movie of 1963, where the two got entangled in each other wholly and ended up marrying each other.

They were in that era considered to be the most lavish couple where Elizabeth was the proprietor of several diamond pieces worth million dollars along with private jets and yachts to name a few. But after a few years the distance between them widened because of Burton’s alcoholic love, where he was perpetual in drinking alcohol whole day long which led to bitterness and fighting issues among the two. After whole of this and a ceremony of divorce  and remarriage they again ended up separating due to compatibility issues.

Well in Elizabeth’s words ‘Maybe we loved each other too much,’ and this is something that surely is a talk about relationships.

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