Marilyn Monroe


Counted as one of the most iconic superstar of her time, Marilyn Monroe has been widely popular for her relationships in the industry. She was a soft- spoken actress with strong acting skills and that she portrayed herself as the best whenever she was a part of the film.

Getting engaged into glossy relationships was one part but then being a part if scandalous relationship is surely to be talked about. Her relationship with Robert Slatzer was an attractive one after which there were several revelations and that was something that Monroe didn’t like as she was favourable of hiding her secrets and keeping personal life to herself.

The death of Marilyn is a much talked about topic as it was a suicide at the age of 38. Apparently her secret suicide was transformed into a public affair after the release of a book by Norman Mailer. The release if this book revealed the conspiring death of Monroe and her connection with Kennedy. The book revealed the various shades of her life and her relationship with various people. Also, after this the people started alleging the CBI and the FBI for drowning the basic files of the case. Soon there was too much of information being revealed and that the case became a show like thing as everyone started collecting proofs and the investigation started all over again.

Since the death of Monroe has been transformed into matter, still till date the mysterious death of Monroe is a a secret.

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