Hedy Lamarr


Hedy, who was one of the finest and one of the most talented actors the industry once had. She was also high at her intellectual intelligence and has patented the Spread Spectrum Technique, which is an important constituent of the Telecommunication field.

She has been the talk of the town during her latest innings in the movie Ecstasy, where there was this see- through naked role to be performed. At that time the society used to be very conservative and that performing a naked role in a film was a serious big deal. Thereafter, the release of the film several rumours started surrounding her and that she was composed to have a break, which was 5 years long. Also, her role in the film was that of a lady having an affair with a hot guy irrespective of the fact that she was married, and this plot certainly transformed her life.

After a return of 5 long years she tried every bit to denunciate the upshot of ‘Ecstasy’ but then it was not the return of Hedy but the return of the girl in the film which was irreversibly attached to a sex object. She was glamorous, mesmerising, beautiful and of course ecstatic, but her role in the film inched her close to that dramatic plot and that no body could shed off that feeling of her in the film.

Well, as time changes things change. Though it was a great thing to have done such roles in that era but you can easily see such roles being portable on full force and it is just the perspective that has to be changed.

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