Charlie had sex with multiple partners

Charlie Sheen


The point of him ending up splitting with his wife and getting hitched with his maid. Also the revelation of him being HIV positive and having sex with multiple partners was a matter of the talk. According to a news report he has exposed nearly four women with the virus and that he has paid them to stay tight- lipped. There are several law suits against him and according to a source  “Charlie had sex with multiple partners since learning his HIV status without informing them of his potentially deadly HIV infection.”

Not only this but he has also been charged by his wife for domestic violence and marital abuse. He also in the past has been treated for alcohol and drug abuse which actually was the sole cause of him under getting with his wife.

He is claimed of transferring the HiV virus to almost 20 prostitutes knowingly which is very serious. His wife says “I would just like everybody to know that he lied. He did not tell any of his partners. There are a lot of people that I unknowingly put in harms way — he let me do it. He’s ruined lives as a result.” She also added that he payed almost $50,000 to the prostitutes and after his split with his wife he just regarded them as his girlfriends.

The case was socialised a few years ago and the Sheen family’s disturbances increased much after this and that he was charged for the same. It is a very serious matter as HIV virus can take your life away and that it is important for one to spread his situation before undergoing sex.

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