Marilyn Monroe


Counted as one of the most iconic superstar of her time, Marilyn Monroe has been widely popular for her relationships in the industry. She was a soft- spoken actress with strong acting skills and that she portrayed herself as the best whenever she was a part of the film.

Getting engaged into glossy relationships was one part but then being a part if scandalous relationship is surely to be talked about. Her relationship with Robert Slatzer was an attractive one after which there were several revelations and that was something that Monroe didn’t like as she was favourable of hiding her secrets and keeping personal life to herself.

The death of Marilyn is a much talked about topic as it was a suicide at the age of 38. Apparently her secret suicide was transformed into a public affair after the release of a book by Norman Mailer. The release if this book revealed the conspiring death of Monroe and her connection with Kennedy. The book revealed the various shades of her life and her relationship with various people. Also, after this the people started alleging the CBI and the FBI for drowning the basic files of the case. Soon there was too much of information being revealed and that the case became a show like thing as everyone started collecting proofs and the investigation started all over again.

Since the death of Monroe has been transformed into matter, still till date the mysterious death of Monroe is a a secret.

Richard Burton And Elizabeth Taylor’s Riotous Marriage

Richard Burton And Elizabeth Taylor’s Riotous Marriage

Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor are few of the finest actors of Hollywood who have not only contributed through their films but also has been a part of the greatest learning process of Hollywood.

A conversation carried about failed marriages rather scandals surely calls for their at first hand. They married each other twice and that their marriage realm was of interest to many journalism agencies.

They were the actors of the Golden Age and happenings like that of their marriage was a great affair for many. Burton, who cane from a local village in South Wales ended up  having a lush headed life which ended soon due to his over drinking. The two love birds met on the sets of Cleopatra, the famous movie of 1963, where the two got entangled in each other wholly and ended up marrying each other.

They were in that era considered to be the most lavish couple where Elizabeth was the proprietor of several diamond pieces worth million dollars along with private jets and yachts to name a few. But after a few years the distance between them widened because of Burton’s alcoholic love, where he was perpetual in drinking alcohol whole day long which led to bitterness and fighting issues among the two. After whole of this and a ceremony of divorce  and remarriage they again ended up separating due to compatibility issues.

Well in Elizabeth’s words ‘Maybe we loved each other too much,’ and this is something that surely is a talk about relationships.

Hedy Lamarr


Hedy, who was one of the finest and one of the most talented actors the industry once had. She was also high at her intellectual intelligence and has patented the Spread Spectrum Technique, which is an important constituent of the Telecommunication field.

She has been the talk of the town during her latest innings in the movie Ecstasy, where there was this see- through naked role to be performed. At that time the society used to be very conservative and that performing a naked role in a film was a serious big deal. Thereafter, the release of the film several rumours started surrounding her and that she was composed to have a break, which was 5 years long. Also, her role in the film was that of a lady having an affair with a hot guy irrespective of the fact that she was married, and this plot certainly transformed her life.

After a return of 5 long years she tried every bit to denunciate the upshot of ‘Ecstasy’ but then it was not the return of Hedy but the return of the girl in the film which was irreversibly attached to a sex object. She was glamorous, mesmerising, beautiful and of course ecstatic, but her role in the film inched her close to that dramatic plot and that no body could shed off that feeling of her in the film.

Well, as time changes things change. Though it was a great thing to have done such roles in that era but you can easily see such roles being portable on full force and it is just the perspective that has to be changed.

I Think It Was The Stupidest Thing I’ve Done In The Whole Relationship….

Arnold Schwarzenegger


This ‘Terminator’ actor who concluded becoming the Governer of California was once a professional body Builder. He was a famous action superstar of Hollywood and has been a part of several Hollywood  films.

Despite being the glory of his own life, his marriage ended up raising eyebrows. His marriage at once became the most talked about topic amongst the tabloids. He was at once accused of cheating at his wife for his maid.

On asking him about his relationship with his house maid, he reveals that he himself os saddened having a relation with his maid and that he portrays it as a shameful act. He married Maria Shriver in 1986 and had four children with her. All the same, the couple ended up separating after 25 years due to Arnold’s unfaithfulness. It was not simply just an affair with his maid rather he even had a child with his maid Mildred Beana.

In an interview he was found quoting ‘I think it was the stupidest thing I’ve done in the whole relationship. It was terrible. I inflicted tremendous pain on Maria and unbelievable pain on the kids.’ The reporter further said that Maria completely left her job in order to complement her life with Arnie but the marriage ended up in a broken clause, to which Arnold said it was just the most stupidest thing to be ever done.

Well, this betrayal activity is one of a kind and there is not much to talk about when the accused is himself sorry for the same.

Charlie had sex with multiple partners

Charlie Sheen


The point of him ending up splitting with his wife and getting hitched with his maid. Also the revelation of him being HIV positive and having sex with multiple partners was a matter of the talk. According to a news report he has exposed nearly four women with the virus and that he has paid them to stay tight- lipped. There are several law suits against him and according to a source  “Charlie had sex with multiple partners since learning his HIV status without informing them of his potentially deadly HIV infection.”

Not only this but he has also been charged by his wife for domestic violence and marital abuse. He also in the past has been treated for alcohol and drug abuse which actually was the sole cause of him under getting with his wife.

He is claimed of transferring the HiV virus to almost 20 prostitutes knowingly which is very serious. His wife says “I would just like everybody to know that he lied. He did not tell any of his partners. There are a lot of people that I unknowingly put in harms way — he let me do it. He’s ruined lives as a result.” She also added that he payed almost $50,000 to the prostitutes and after his split with his wife he just regarded them as his girlfriends.

The case was socialised a few years ago and the Sheen family’s disturbances increased much after this and that he was charged for the same. It is a very serious matter as HIV virus can take your life away and that it is important for one to spread his situation before undergoing sex.