Birthdays are a good excuse to celebrate ones very existence. Special ones gather together and have a great time together. Birthdays bring joy , but they also bring about a lot of confusion as to what to plan so that the day goes perfect. What strikes our minds when we talk of birthdays are balloons, cakes ,flowers,great food,parties, confetti and lots of gifts! Well wisher catch up and voila, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! This is day you can be as delighted as you can possibly be. Lovers go out for dinner , while friends gather and party , family plan a fancy evening . Everyone puts in a lot of effort to carve a beautiful memory in the mind of the birthday girl/guy. Everybody wants to feel special on their birthday ! What could be better than a wonderful birthday party with all the loved ones gathered together and having a great time?! Here is a list of super innovative ideas to make you birthday girl / guy go bonkers on his / her special day, so wish your sister  and throw her a party.

  1. A summer birthday party could make use of some colours . If its for a little one , why not bring the joy on ? Make use of DIY neon colour powders , hand a packet of every colour to every person and let the fun conquer the party! If you have got a backyard , you have an even better chance of pulling of the party.
  2. If the birthday girl / guy feels the chills , a Bonfire Birthday Party is the best option to win his / her heart. This is an excellent way of celebrating a cosy birthday with the family. Some marshmellows and hot chocolate would do the trick. It feels like a small scale campout!
  3. Nothing can beat the Beach Birthday Theme Party! Everyone can grab a swimsuit and some coconut water to beat the sun with some really exciting water games in the backyard. Greet everyone with “Aloha!” and some tropical cake ! This could account for an extremely wild party !
  4. Best way to celebrate the birthday of sweet lad with a sweet tooth – an ice cream party ! Everyone screams for ice cream . Some cute ice cream stalls and pretty delicate decorations such as sprinklers can make this one a huge success.
  5. Freaky is the one who can watch an infinite number of movies and never get tired. Backyard movie theme is the most suitable party idea. Friends can watch it ! Family can watch it ! who doesn’t enjoy a good movie. A starry night under the theatre lights is a good concept.
  6. Why not create a game where the birthday girl / guy is supposed to hunt down for his/her gifts. This is a party idea full of thrill and adventure. Create a long series of games that can lead to the treasure which a bunch of gifts ! How exciting can that be ? And dont forget to gift her a swarovski 



Birthdays cane be a real bummer. These are those days when you just can’t decide what to do. Especially if it the birthday of loved one or a really close friend / family member, you know too much to select what to offer. This confusion can lead to several disasters – one, you mess everything up and two , you are shattered and broke and you mess everything up and well, the day just goes into ruins ! but dont forget to send the midnight birthday wishes for friend


You would want the birthday of you loved one to be as fine as you imagined in your mind, but the surprise you plan may not be as pocket friendly as you thought ! Don’t lose hope. There are other means to throwing the best birthday party. And if you’re the birthday guy / girl throwing the party for himself / herself , you definitely need to keep up the spirit and host a party you ought to remember till you’re 80 ! We have list of some crazy load of ideas for great birthday parties :


  1. Create a guest list. It’s a party , you have to be organised and prepared for what’s coming and who’s coming your way.
  2. Make fancy invitations ! Guests won’t appear at your door magically , thanks to ego. Plus , the facebook notifications make it easier for some lazy friends to slip by.
  3. Make efforts to decorate your space. You could use DIY techniques to create decorations. Balloons , confetti and some streamers would do !
  4. Set the mood with the help of music. Music can do wonders ! it can help create a great ambience for everyone to enjoy and relax in. People who relate to certain music tracks start feeling comfortable in the environment.
  5. Create an attractive menu that goes with the theme that you choose for your party. Set the table accordingly. Add colours and make use of flowers to decorate the table. Candle lights can do wonders to ornament the place.
  6. Plan some interesting events. Be a little pre- organised. You could plan certain games so that everyone can interact with each other. The games just lightens everyone up.
  7. One interesting feature could be the addition of a photo booth. Create an interesting photo booth area just like the ones you experienced on your prom night. Create memories and capture the fun forever !
  8. You could act like Monica from friends and be super fussy. Adding names to seats and arrangements can be interesting. What if you wanted to set two people up ! Anyhow, adding tags to seats and maybe some comments for the person can be an interesting way to letting the guest feel special and close to you. You can be witty ,sweet. Try not to be rude , though.
  9. Remember the goodie bags we used to get after a party in our childhood. Recreating those memories isn’t a bad idea at all!

Best Ways To Throw A Suprise Birthday Party

Surprises can be a either a good idea or a disastrous idea ! Planning a birthday surprise is just way too exhausting. You want to keep it perfect as well as a secret from your close bud ?! Well , that’s a task. First off , you have to make sure that everything goes as planned ; you must get everyone well prepared and you have to make sure that everything is well organised. Nothing can be as satisfying as the fact that the birthday girl / guy didn’t have to “ fake it “ at his/her surprise birthday party. That marks a great success. Here is a list of things to follow to throw a surprise birthday party. Forget surprising the birthday boy/girl , you’ll definitely get surprised by your own skills after you go through this list, take a look at Top Funny Birthday Greetings :



  1. Decide on a fixed date and time for conducting the party. Make sure that the person you wish to surprise is free and available.
  2. Choose a particular place which is special to him/her and holds a lot of sentimental value. If this doesn’t work, you could always rent a place or decorate the backyard for a great party.
  3. Try to take help from another close bud or family member of the birthday boy /girl. This makes it easier for you to function and holding the secret as well. You’ll be bale to pull off the party with a grand success also, you’ll get a whole bunch of ideas on how to make it happen.
  4. Send an invitation to the other buddies but make sure they know that it’s a surprise party.You’d rather send a message way before or inform through e-mail or message for everyone to gather and let them know that you’ve planned a surprise. Nobody would like to say no to a party anyways. But give the people some time to react , inform early in the morning on the day of the birthday (if you’re adventurous) or a night before. Just don’t blow your cover !
  5. You could fix a theme for the party. Here you can be extremely innovative and keeping in mind the interests of you friend you can go wild over a range of themes. From a “hawain theme” to a “back to 80s night” to a “ dress to impress” theme , there is a variety of themes you could invent according to what the birthday boy / girl prefers the most.
  6. Make sure you make the birthday boy/ girl feel comfortable after you give them the surprise. Since he/she isn’t prepared for the theme of the party , you could help them through it !
  7. Film all the surprise moments and use them against them all their lives !
  8. Make decorations and create the ambience according to the theme that you have thought of.
  9. Improvise of the situation demands. You’ll end up with a wonderful party. Dont forget to stop by wanna party for amazing party goods.

5 Things Every Birthday Party Must Have

Planning birthdays can be daunting. This is a festive and joyous day. You would want all your friends and family members to celebrate this special day with you. But the diversity of ideas and desire can confuse us to the brim of our level of comprehension. You would want ten things to be different , and you would want another set of new concepts and ideas behind your birthday party. who doesn’t want to feel special on his / her birthday. Birthdays are full of cakes , balloons,cards, presents , bouquets , confetti and of course blessings from our loved ones. Surprisingly, as we grow up , these things seem very fancy to us, even though we like it. Who doesn’t feel like reliving their childhood again ! Here is a list of 5 very important things that every birthday must have to bring the element of delight and festivity in a birthday party, s who needs a party planner :




  1. Venue , cake , decorations and music must be as festive as a carnival! The place where your birthday party is planned should be have a convenient approach. The guests should feel welcomed as well as attached to the venue. Decorations could be a crafty or fancy but they must create a delightful ambience. The colours must be ones that bring joy and make you feel delighted. It is necessary to have a completely positive aura. We want to see all smiling faces in a birthday party.
  2. The food must be attractive and ravishing. It should be decorated such that it grasps the attention of the guests. The cake must be grandeur! It is the highlight of the party. Snacks should be served to all the guests. None of the guest should feel dissatisfied with the food.
  3. A birthday show that would steal the limelight and bring our focus back on the birthday girl / boy rather than the party.This could be any interactive session , a gig maybe, a magic show or any comedian’s act.
  4. Participative games are a must. No matter how old you become , you’d always want to play games. These games can be cleverly planned in such a way that they take you down the memory lane and make the birthday girl/ boy revisit all the great moments in his/her life. This could be a game of truth or dare, some clues to the gifts, guessing game , etc. This is that part of the party where you can be extremely original.

A return gift or a token of thanks for the guests to gather and make the day special. It is good to express gratitude to the ones who put in so much of effort to make your day special and festive. You could express your gratitude by gifting small goodies such as , chocolates, muffins ( add a note to every individual to make it even more special) , letters , some cool gadget , etc. Take a look at the best 100 birthday wishes you will need after the party.

Beautiful Birthday Quotes For Mothers

Mothers are an epitome of nurture and affection. Sometimes we forget to thank our mothers for a number of things that they do for us out of love. Our mothers have always gone all the way for us , to make sure we never feel that we haven’t been loved. Even on days when we fight with our moms, they’ll always be the ones to look out for us even when they’re agitated with us. Their birthday give and excuse to make them feel just as special as they make us feel. Here are some birthday wishes for these beautiful ladies:




  1. Happy birthday mother! I hope for you to get that you wished for. i pray for your prosperity
  2. Happy birthday mom, you’ve believed in me when nobody did. Thank you for always supporting me. I wish I can be as generous as you are.
  3. You have a beautiful heart and your efforts never fail to surprise me. I realise today, how lucky I am to have a mom like you. Happy birthday ma!
  4. A cake and card won’t be enough to express how much I love you .Happy Birthday mom ! You are very close to my heart. I promise to look after you just as you did for me.
  5. The nurture and care you invested in me is just marvellous. What would this world be without the presence of a beautiful lady such as you. You have been my idol. Thank you for everything mom. May you get all the happiness you hoped for. Happy birthday !
  6. A sister, a wife, a mother , you have played several roles in the lives of several people. You raised me with all the love that you could’ve given me. I pray to God , that I never disappoint you for I love you a lot mom. Happy birthday ma ! You won’t ever know how much I admire you. You inspire me.
  7. A mother’s love has the power to heal any pain. You have been a constant support mom. I wish I grow up to be a brave and hardworking woman as you. Hope you get all the prosperity. Happy birthday mom !
  8. This day marks the birth of a gorgeous lady and I thank god for having her sent to me. I love you ma. Happy birthday! I will always be an admirer.
  9. Dear mom , happy birthday! When I hear the stories of how you would get protective of me , I thought everyone must be exaggerating but that now I know they weren’t lying since I feel just as protective for you. You are in my heart. I can never thank you enough for all the love that you’ve given me.
  10. Happy birthday mom , I am lucky to have you as my mother. You have been bringing out the best in me. I adore you and wish for your well being.