Madonna’s Diet

The Queen of Pop Culture can’t keep it be it her music or her diet, both of them portray a sense of rebel. Madonna refuses to follow any simple diet rather works on the Macrobiotic diet combined with an equally rigorous workout.

Madonna feels that the players who want it big can’t pull back anytime, they need to be consistent with their performance and a prerequisite is to stay healthy. Madonna enjoys such huge kind of fan base because she is the most reliable player in the industry. When Madonna is the talk of the town, how can you not talk about her super amazing diet? It’s the product of chef Mayumi Nishimura, who is the modern age brand ambassador of the macrobiotic diet.

Glimpse of the “Macrobiotic Diet”

It’s not just hard to keep a track of the components of the diet but it’s also expensive, thus we produce a replica version extracted from the book by her personal chef. Macrobiotic diet refrains you from gorging on wheat, eggs, meats, and dairy products. It revolves around “sea vegetables.” The book talks about a special kind of diet called “10 Day Detox Diet.” So here is the Complete Madonna Diet and Workout Guide. You will fall in love with it.



Main product for your breakfast under this diet is a Miso soup, which keeps you satisfied for a very long time. Accompany your soup with brown rice, keep changing your diet products especially in the morning because “Miso soup”, if taken regularly stops giving results. Keep switching in between to boiled green vegetables plus Fuji apple and boiled corn along with plum paste, this stuff are particularly important to enrich your body with the needed amount of sugar.


When one starts with miso soup, you don’t feel like eating till dinner but it’s better to have lunch on time. As all the other meals of this diet are a tad too boring but lunch comprises of soy meat and spiral rice pasta, quinoa salad and handmade tofu cheese that can be preserved for few days.


The days of the diet are usually very satisfactory, to compensate night meals only consist of boiled barley and seaweed.Keep tofu tartar sauce and sauerkraut always handy, they are the finest product by Mayumi.The diet is pretty tough and difficult to get into terms with it, Mayumi suggests you throw some parties for your close friends and keep macrobiotic diet as the theme. Work around the dips and sides and ask your friends for a genuine feedback that is what they witnessed after having the meals even for a day. Another celeb who follows the same pattern is Jennifer Lopez, you don’t believe us? Why not take a peek at Jennifer Lopez Diet Plan Guide. Tell us what you think.


It has been really fun writing for you guys. I mean writing blogs for people who love my work who is really amazing. It’s really good to have you guys. So thank you all, today I will be talking about someone really special. She is one of the most talented American women and is recognized worldwide around the world. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the gossip of the evergreen Jane Fonda. It’s really shameful if you don’t know her, but don’t worry, the introduction below will tell you all about her.

Jayne Memoir Fonda, or as you may know Janeane Fonda. She is a very popular American Actress, fitness guru, fashion model, writer and a political activist. The multitalented women are recognized and praised worldwide for her work. She was born in New York city in the year 1937. Fonda is almost 80 now, and her age has helped her to get into the list of Legendary. So, Monday started her journey of success in the year 1960. It was her debut as an actress in the American entertainment and film industry. Fame, knowledge, power and experience held her to expand her reach of hand in every field of work. Her multi-talented nature of work is what makes her so famous.

This fact brings doubt to your mind? Are you thinking what could be possibly wrong with her? The answer is very simple. With great powers come great responsibilities. Apparently, Fonda wasn’t strong enough to take on that burden. So, to stay in trend and retain the charm she decided to go through plastic surgery. Ultimately things turned out great for her. She was pretty satisfied with the work, hence there was nothing to hide about it. Fonda revealed about her surgeries publically. She believes that she needed those treatments and that is why she underwent them.So here is a detailed description of what she actually did And some Images From Jane Fonda Plastic Surgery. Aren’t these crazy?


The actual name for this cosmetic treatment is blepharoplasty. This is a simple process to return the youth back to your eyes. In this treatment, specialist removes all the sagging, dark circles and a heavy load from on and around the eyes. This gives your eyes a younger look. This is the very reason why Jane still has a charm in her eyes. The 80-year-old has glowing eyes with no sagging. It is really impressive to look at perfect old eyes. Though it comes at a real high cost around 16000$. For a better understanding of eye lift you must take look at Megan Fox Before and After Pictures, i can guarantee you will be shocked.


Jane agreed to have had a treatment for neck and cheek lift. I see old women with sagging and wrinkled skin around her neck. But Janes’ neck is smooth, shiny and really attractive. What’s good is that Jane never misses a chance to show it off. Though a small part of her neck is sagging, probably because they have over done it, but no big deal.She women any other 80-year-old women.

Tired of Using special shampoos for dandruff, try some homemade stuff to vanish those dandruff flakes. Dandruff results from dry scalp and different conditions called seborrheic. It may be caused by fungus, eczema, and fungus.

Top 10 home treatment for dandruff Are listed below.

  • Aspirin- It contains ingredients like salicylic acid as many other shampoos. Crush aspirin to make a fine powder and add it to your shampoo. Apply that on your hair and leave it for 5 minutes and rinse well with cold water for better results.
  • Tree tea oil- Shampoos with tea tree oil works well for dandruff related issues. You can add some drops to you normal shampoo.
  • Baking soda- You can check out your kitchen for baking soda to get rid off from the scalp. Rub handful of baking soda into your scalp. It helps in reducing overactive fungi. At first, you may feel dryness, but after few days your scalp will produce natural oils.
  • Apple cider vinegar- The acidity of vinegar changes the scalp’s pH, preventing yeast to grow on a scalp. Mix 200 ml in 1 liter of water in a spray bottle and sprinkle on your scalp. Wrap up your head with a wet towel for 15 minutes, then rinse yours with normal shampoo.
  • Mouth cleanser- To treat dandruff, one can use rinse hair with mouthwash. Follow up with shampoo and a cleanser. Mouth cleanser has anti-fungal properties which prevent dandruff from growing.
  • Coconut Oil- To treat dandruff, one can use the oldest method to get rid of dandruff. Massage your scalp with coconut oil and wait for about one hour. Wash your hair with normal shampoo.
  • Lemon- Lemon helps to maintain the pH of your hair. Mix 2 tablespoons of lemon in water or oil and massage the mixture on your scalp. Wait for 30 minutes and then rinse your scalp with normal water followed up by shampoo.
  • Salt- The harshness of table salt works well on our scalp to remove dandruff flakes. Put some salt on your scalp and massage your hair to get rid of flaky skin. And get ready for conditioning your hair.
  • Aloe vera- It is a natural product which can fight numerous of hair related issues without any side effects. Make a soothe from aloe vera gel and apply on your dry scalp before shampooing. It will have a cooling effect and relief you from itching.
  • Garlic- Garlic is well known for its antimicrobial properties and hence can be the solution for dandruff related issues. Make a paste of at least 10 garlic and rub on your scalp. Massage this mixture directly on your scalp and leave it for 1 hour.
  • Olive Oil- Massage your hair with hot olive oil and leave for overnight. Follow up with olive oil shampoo for better results.

Steps To Do A Pedicure At Home


Grab The Supplies

For a good pedicure at home, you must be handy with some of the products including tub, water, clippers, brush, and a nail polish. In addition to this, you can add salt, cuticle oil and lotion for massaging afterward.

 Clean Pre-Nail Polish

It is obvious to remove the old nail polish, as it will become difficult to put on new Bali polish. Use nail paint remover, and make sure to remove the bits along cuticles.

Soak Your Feet In Water

Take a tub with hot water and add a bit of salt or oil. Now relax for some time. Now, warm water will remove the dirt and calluses. It will also soften your nails, which is helpful to paint your toes.

Must File Your Nails

Trim your toe nails using nail cutter. Keep the shape of your nails in a square. Use nail filler to smoothen the edges and anything you want to shape like. Avoid giving the rounded shape as it promotes ingrown nails.

Massage Cuticle Oil

Push back the cuticles, using cuticle stock. Oe cut them with cuticle trimmer. Rub some cuticle oil over that part, to add moisture.

 Smooth Your Toenails

Buff your rough edges and ridges on the top of your toenails. Pay attention to edges you have trimmed as this area is quite sensitive. Use a buff pad to tilt them in the same direction.

 Clean Your Skin

Make use of pumice stone to scrub the heel and your foot. Don’t scrub harshly as it may cause irritation on the skin, so buff them gently with least pressure.Use a cleaning brush to remove the dead skin over the bridge of the foot. Afterward, clean your foot with water.  Empty the tub and massage your feet with lotion on your skin. You can use nail polish remover, to clean up your nails again.

Add Base Coat

Make use of transparent nail polish as a protection coat on all nails. This helps in preventing your nails from yellowing, acts as a solid base for nail polish.

 Choose One Color Of Your Choice

Select a polish and paint your nails. Start your work from the center of the nail, make use of strokes to fill in the nail paint. Wipe off paint covering your skin. Add two coatings to get a perfect opaque layer.

Give The Last Touch

Wait for few minutes after applying the nail polish and add a transparent coat of nail paint. This will give shine as well as help you to maintain the lower coat from chipping. Wait for 15 minutes, until it dries completely. Try to check from your fingers whether it is completely smooth. Enjoy your all new feet!


Snapchat is extremely famous for its spectacles and that it has now derived a way out to allow its users to own a drone to its spectacles.Well, the very famous social platform is up for going public and is ready to prepare its own drone. It’s working on a remote-controlled automobile and will soon land up with one. There has not been any official word from the developers regarding the same but there are vibes in the air regarding the same going on air. Snap trends have always made a flurry amongst its users and that we are very well sure of the fact that it will certainly turn up with something good as has always been.

The broadened business realms are supposedly turning on the vibe for company economics and that its release of a pair of camera spectacles has created a wide stir amongst its users and surely this drone will also. All we can think of is a small sized flying machine, compact and with basic grounded level design and for sure camera outfitted. This new snap trend would allow its users to go viral in a fraction of seconds and shoot anytime anywhere. Well, the new drone technology is going to boost up the company’s business its trends always had and all we hope for is the launch of the drone and its use. Patience might kill us this time because Snap is up with something really good. So how did you found spectacles, let us know?